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‘Tis the Season

So for my first blog entry, I was going to write about a great book that I was reading. Unfortunately, I’m in between great books at the moment. Hopefully that will change soon. I did come across this little gem of a gift idea, since it is the season, so I thought I would post this instead.

Coffee Cup Cozy - Bracelet, 100% Wool Felt
This is the gift that everyone will be clamoring for, mark my words. Similar in scope to the ever popular Chiapet and fruitcake, but a little pricier. Still, who wouldn’t want this? It is a combination coffee cup cozy and bracelet. With three positive reviews on the website, it must be outstanding. I must take issue, however, with reviewer Becky’s presumption that her friend with the “larger frame” will wear this all the time. Isn’t it bad enough that we full figured gals must choose between paisley, big floral, and black ensembles without asking us to wear coffee cup cozies as fashion accessories? The one positive attribute of this gift is that it is environmentally friendly. That’s good, since there won’t be anymore room in the landfills after we’re done drinking all of that coffee from paper cups.


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