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Too Many Soaps?

I just struggled through the debut novel “Language of Secrets” by Dianne Dixon. Why did I finish it? No idea. This book included every standard soap opera storyline that was ever written. The characters included the patriarch(a real bastard), the son (never good enough, couldn’t compare to his big brother, etc.), and the son’s amazingly beautiful wife (never could understand why she settled for him). The plot includes an adulterous affair, a bout of amnesia, a faked death, and an illegitimate child (passed off as the husband’s own son until the kid needs blood and, oops, the father’s blood doesn’t match). It was almost painful to read. To make matters worse (for the book), I was reading Jim Harrison’s “The Farmers Daughter” at the same time. Jim Harrison is an outstanding author and perhaps it wasn’t fair to have the two authors competing? No, I’m pretty sure “The Language of Secrets” would have fallen short had I been reading Jackie Collins at the same time. My precious reading time was wasted and I’m a little ticked.


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