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The Devil’s Alphabet

Paxton Martin, a preacher’s son, is returning to his hometown of Switchcreek, TN, for the funeral of a childhood friend. Pax left Switchcreek 12 years ago, soon after an outbreak of Transcription Divergence Syndrome devastated the population of the small town. TDS, or The Changes, killed a third of the people living in Switchcreek and caused three different mutations in most of the people left alive. The victims of TDS-A, or Argos, became gray-skinned and grew to abnormal heights. TDS-B victims, or Betas, became hairless and seal-like, and TDS-C victims, or Charlies, became grotesquely obese. A few residents, Paxton included, were unaffected and remained unchanged. When Paxton returns for the funeral, he finds that there are many unanswered questions surrounding the suicide of JoLynn, and with the help of his friend Deke he tries to unravel the mystery of her death.

I would not describe myself as a science fiction fan, but I really enjoyed this one. It had great characters, bits of mystery and humor, and a few parts that rated about a 9.5 on my ickiness scale.


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Every Last One

Mary Beth Latham is living an almost perfect life. She has a loving husband and three great children. Her daughter, Ruby, is the oldest of the three and about to start her senior year of high school. She is dealing with typical teenage issues: choosing a college, a painful breakup with her boyfriend, and preparing herself for adulthood. Mary Beth’s twin sons, Alex and Max, are facing different issues. Alex has always been the popular and athletic twin and Max has always lived in his brother’s shadow. Mary Beth fears that Max is becoming depressed and begins bringing Max to a therapist for counseling. While focusing on Max and his treatment, Mary Beth and her family suffer a horrific tragedy that no one could have predicted. This is the heart wrenching story of a family’s suffering and recovery from an act so violent that no one is left unscathed. While the subject matter is disturbing, this is ultimately a story of love, loss, and the will to carry on.

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Stuart Neville, author of GHOSTS OF BELFAST, does it again with this new novel set in New York and Northern Ireland. Ex IRA hit-man Gerry Fegan has sworn to protect Marie and her young daughter Ellen. Marie knows that Gerry is a murderer, that he’s dangerous, and that he’s more than a little crazy. She also knows he would exchange his life for theirs, and so she trusts him above all others. When Marie and Ellen are threatened by the evil from their past, Gerry must team up with Ellen’s estranged father Jack Lennon to save them. It is a chance for Jack to redeem himself and for Gerry to finish what he started. Action packed and riveting, this should be on everyone’s to-read list, but read GHOSTS OF BELFAST first.

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