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Father of the Rain

Daley Amory is eleven years old when her mother leaves her father. Caught in the middle between her social activist mother and her bigoted, alcoholic father, Daley struggles to find a balance in her life. As her father’s bitterness leads him to the bottle more and more, the emotional abuse he unleashes on Daley increases. As an adult, Daley rejects her father’s values (or lack thereof), and starts her life far from his anger and prejudice. When her father’s lifestyle catches up with him and he hits rock bottom, Daley’s brother leaves her with the burden of picking up the pieces.

The subject matter may be difficult for some, but this is a thoroughly engrossing and satisfying story. The writing in this novel is mesmerizing, and the characters are so well developed I frequently thought to myself ‘thank God I don’t know anyone like them”.


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